DVD Copy For Mac

dvd copy for macHave you noticed that DVD Copy for Mac is popular and frequently used by Mac users? Answer is definitely yes. So why so many people choose to use DVD Copy for Mac to copy dvd on Mac?

Here are the reasons:

So it's not strange that so many people prefer to use DVD Copy for Mac. What's more, DVD Copy utility provides successive copying service. This versatile tool assists you to clone DVD to a blank DVD disk, copy DVD to your DVD folder on Mac, even clone DVD to DVD image ISO for the DVD file transmitting online or something else.

Intel Version  Price $29.00

How to use DVD Copy for Mac

Step 1: If you want to copy the whole DVD, press "full disc", otherwise press"main movie", as you see in the picture.

Step 2 : Select profiles of audio, subtitle, volume. You can choose all audio or just some segment. In the pull-up menu of "subtitle", you can choose languages like "Gemany", "English", "Chinese" you want; choose full subtitle, or part of subtitle in the drop down menu. Change volume in the volume column.

Step 3: Choose source by press "source", there will be filefolder in the extensive menu, select DVD you need to copy. Then specify where you put copied DVDs in the "target" menu.

Step 4: Press "start", begin copying.

DVD Copy for Mac gives you ability to choose what you want DVD content to clone – the Full Disc or Main Movie, even the subtitle, audio, volume, etc. The steps mentioned above are a whole DVD-to-DVD process. If no empty disc is available, change the target to save as DVD folder or ISO file on your Mac for access next time. The following is a guide to teach you how to burn a DVD disc from a DVD folder or ISO file.

System Requirements